Political Science 123Y: International Organizations Prof. Hyde Mock Op-ed Assignment In order to facilitate practical application of the literature covered in the first portion of the class, write an 800-1000 word mock op-ed on an international organization that is currently in the news or that you believe deserves further attention. The piece should make a clear argument about why the international organization is or is not achieving one or more of its stated goals. Although op-eds are generally opinion pieces, this assignment should make a clear and concise argument, and be rigorously supported with reference to empirical evidence. They tend to be aimed at a general audience rather than an academic audience. You are encouraged to look at published op-eds for guidance, but your work must be original. Grading will be based on the clarity of the position taken, concise writing, well reasoned support of the argument, and inclusion of concepts from the relevant literature covered in the course. The literature that is relevant to each op-ed will vary. Op-eds do not traditionally contain in-text citations. However, since your op-ed will be produced within an academic context, please use footnotes or endnotes for any citations (any standard citation style is ok). You should cite any ideas that are not your own, including any reference to concepts learned in the class. You can cite lecture but I prefer that you cite the original assigned reading whenever possible. Citations should not be included in your word count. The written assignment must be turned in as a hard copy at the beginning of class on October 26th AND submitted electronically prior to the start on bCourses. Please use a 12 point standard font and at least one inch margins and include page numbers. Include a cover sheet with your identifying information (full name, email address, etc.) and a word count. If you cannot get bCourses to work or your printer fails you, please email a copy to your GSI. When it doubt, be redundant in your submission of the document to make sure it is on time. Late submissions will be penalized at the instructor’s discretion, with the presumption of half of a letter grade for each day that it is late.

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