1How do I pay?
There are two ways for you to pay. You can either load money into your account and manage Writer’s payments through there, or you can make direct payments through PayPal. Both of these methods are safe and secure.
2Can I indicate the suitable timeline for getting my Order done?
The deadline that you indicate on the Order form is the time by which the Writer will finish your work and have it delivered to you. Should the deadline change while the Order is already underway, you should inform the Writer immediately so he/she can make proper adjustments.
3How can I attach additional materials to my Order?
After filling out several fields in the Order form and pressing ‘Place an Order’ button, you are redirected to a page that contains detailed information on your assignment. Here you may add instructions, indicate the style needed, write a detailed description, and attach all necessary files.
4How will I get my essay?
Once the Writer has received the payment, you will get a choice of receiving your essay as a PDF file or an MS Word document. You can download it directly from your account on our Website and save it to any device that you want.
5What if I do not like my paper?
If there is something you are not happy with, please make sure to inform your Writer immediately, preferably before the product is done. Once the Order is completed and the payment has been made, it is no longer possible to request any revisions to it. You do have the option of placing the Order again and choosing a rewriting or editing service.
6What if I forgot my password?
The password can be reset at any time by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ option located below the ‘log in’ button.


1How much do papers cost?
There are a couple of different factors that will affect the price. The urgency of the order, academic level and the number of pages. You are able to check the approximate price by simply placing and Order, it is free of charge and it will give you a good idea of what the price will be.
2Do you offer any discounts?
Instead of offering a discount we do our best to keep our prices up to your expectations. Meaning, you will be able to differentiate a whole set of prices depending on the experience, the competence of the Writer and his/her reviews. With each order, you have a clear choice and a fine range of price suggestions, to make the best choice. This way you know you are always getting a good deal with a low price instead of a one-time discount.
3What does Top Priority Order mean?
This is an additional service that will give your Order a top priority and make it stand out to attract our most experienced, professional writers to accept it. It will automatically be listed at the top of all Orders that a Writer sees on the Site. This service costs extra and you may use it when your Order is in the ‘Bidding’ status.


1Have all the Writers' skills been tested?
Before our cooperation with the writers can begin we perform a background check and a series of tests to determine the level of their knowledge and writing. After the writers successfully verify their education with us, they are put through a series of writing tests. Only the writers that scored excellently are able to proceed and work with us. The writer’s work is also constantly evaluated with every Order he completes allowing us to only keep working with the best writers.
2How are Writers rated?
It is based on Customer reviews and their level of cooperation with the Company. You will also be able to see their number of completed Orders as well as other statistics like their main fields of knowledge, number of Customer reviews, etc.
3Where are your writers located?
We employ writers from all over the world – all they need is a good knowledge base and the ability to produce top-level writing in English. If you wish to know where your favorite writer is from, you can ask him or her using our chat function.
4What if I don't like my writer?
We would like to emphasize that all writers who work with us are highly qualified and well-trained professionals. We hire only the best experts and constantly monitor their performance in our company. However, you are given a choice to cancel your order and if the payment has not been released and/or paper (or a part of it) was not provided.


1Is your service confidential?
We value your privacy and confidentiality above all else. Our reputation depends on it and we take it very seriously. All of your information is safe with us and will never be disclosed to any third party.
2Are the papers unique?
Our writers are aware that our company does not tolerate any plagiarism, and they know that we expect 100% unique content from them. Additionally, you can check your paper for plagiarism right here on the Site – it’s free, no matter how many times you use it. We suggest that you make use of this service often.
3Do you guarantee on-time delivery?
Please make sure that all the requirements and supporting materials are provided in a timely manner so that your writer won’t have any difficulties with finishing your Order on time. If the Writer is having challenges and cannot complete the paper within the deadline, we will communicate with you ahead of time and request an extension
4What if the delivered paper doesn’t meet my expectations?
Please note, that it is always important to provide the Writer with all the necessary information. After you assign the Writer for your project, we encourage that you communicate with your Writer to make sure that he/she has all the information needed. Also, make sure to communicate with the Writer throughout the project in case any questions come up. Upon receiving the work, we suggest you take a moment to review every aspect of the paper and see if you would like any revisions to be made. If you would like a revision, it is free, the Writer will be happy to make the necessary corrections. If you happy with the final work, then the payment will be released to the Writer.
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