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At one point or another, your professor will request you to write an annotated bibliography and you may not have the slightest idea on how to do that. An annotated bibliography is a list of materials cited in your paper and the evaluative comments (annotations). Writing annotated bibliography can be quite a hustle. This is because it requires quite some work. Writing annotated bibliography involves use of different intellectual skills, among them clear exposition, excellent analysis, and library research. Before writing one, you need to locate different materials that identify with your topic, review each material, and choose which is best for your topic and work with it. It takes time and skills to write a good annotated bibliography. Both of which you may not have in plenty.

A concise annotated bibliography gives the central theme of the material used. It also provides information on the authority or the background of the author of that particular material, what kind of audience it is meant for, how it relates with other cited works, and its relevance regarding your topic of choice.

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